Increase Revenue
by Protecting your Clients

Welcome to the future of combating counterfeit.

Additional Revenue with Current Setup

  • No Investment Needed

  • No Additional Hardware or Labour Required

  • Partner with your customers to protect their brand

  • Increase Social Responsibility Whilst Increasing the Commercial Benefit

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Create Additional Revenues

Logistics firms can create additional revenues from existing hardware. Receive a reward for every counterfeit parcel you stop without business being affected at any stage.

No Investment Needed
No Additional Hardware required

Our software is installed onto current sorters with no changes made. Our solution is no-cost to logistics firms. Costs are covered via our recouping model within 3-6 months from the revenue earned by the software.

Increase Social Responsibility Whilst Increasing the Commercial Benefit

Our socially responsible tool makes good business sense for ethically engaged multinationals. Logistics firms can demonstrate that they are an active and reliable partner towards Brands.

Dangerous Goods Too!

We can use our software to help you hit KPIs on detecting dangerous goods such as illegal tobacco, drugs, fireworks, batteries, or any other content which you have an obligation to detect. Without any API calls, everything is done locally ONSITE!

We believe Countercheck is a game changer in the fight against counterfeiting.
We are proud to support such an innovative software company that will give brands a chance to protect their IP as never before, as well as creating new revenue streams for logistics firms on all of our sortation centers.

Dr. Christoph Beumer  - CEO, BEUMER Group


We establish a KYC (know your customer)  software layer LOCALLY and analyse parcels at the point of sortation using existing camera and infrastructure. We take care of the whole process and have a facilitator onsite as long as our software is running.


We only need your agreement, we can do all installation through our parent company, BEUMER Group, while remaining fully transparent to you, our partner.

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